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Tidy List Widget in Elementor

How to Use Tidy List Widget in Elementor

Are you building a WordPress website using Elementor? Want to display List in Elementor for your web page’s different categories in a list format? But don’t know which widget to use and how to use it? Don’t worry! You have come to the right place.

There are lots of similar widgets available in the marketplace. But you need to choose the right one. Here Sky Addons Tidy List Widget will suit you the most.

Sky Addons Tidy List widget is a  list-type tool, it comes with various customization features and functionalities which you can use to make alterations to your website.

This Tidy List Widget is the perfect solution to list different categories on your webpage nicely. Displaying a list of categorized posts helps site visitors quickly see what content is available on your site. It makes it easy for readers to find what they’re looking for.

Let’s look at each customization step by step.

Step 1 Tidy List Widget –

Firstly go to your Elementor Editor and find the Tidy List Widget from the Elementor Panel and then simply drag and drop it into your section.

Tidy List Widget in Elementor

Now click on the Content Tab. Under the content tab, you will find a section named Tidy List.

Tidy List Widget in Elementor

In the Tidy List section, you will be able to select the layout style of the list according to your choice. You can add as many list items as you want to add, just by clicking on the Add Item button.

If you don’t want to show the text you can simply turn off that option. You may also change the media and content position to left, right, or center whatever suits best for your design you can do that.

Tidy List Widget in Elementor

When you will click on any item you will find options for selecting the media type. You can select the media type to Icon, image, or number. You will also be able to add the title and description of the tidy list.

Tidy List Widget in Elementor

Step 2 Lots of Customizations –

Now we move to the Style section. Here you can style the Tidy List according to your needs.

Under the Style Tab, you will find three sections. They are List, Media, and Title sections.

The first section is the ‘List’ section. Here you will be able to customize list items.

You can change the alignment, and use space between the list items. You may change its height, padding, etc.

You can also select the border type and add border-radius. Sky Addons Tidy List widget provides you with lots more cool and easy features like this so that you can do your best design with less effort.

Tidy List Widget in Elementor

The next section is the ‘Media’ section. In this section, you can customize the media used in your tidy list. For example (Icon/Image).

Tidy List Widget in Elementor

The last section is the ‘Title’ section. Here you can change the color of the title, and use the hover effect. You may change your title’s typography, text shadow, etc.

Tidy List Widget in Elementor

So finally, we are done with the tutorial.

We hope that you have understood the whole process of using the Sky Addons Tidy List widget. Let’s give it a try, and you will feel very comfortable using this widget. Also, your precious time will be saved and you will be able to showcase a beautiful list item to your visitors with the Tidy List widget provided by Sky Addons.

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